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We aim to answer all tickets within 24 hours on weekdays.

  • Proxy Not Connecting

    If your proxy is not connecting before contacting us please do the following:
    1. Make sure the username and password are not capitalized, as they are case sensitive.
    2. Make sure there are no spaces that you accidentally copied and pasted in.

  • Trbot not storing proxy information

    If tribot is not storing your proxy information correctly, try the following:
    Make sure to hit the "enter" key on your keyboard after you fill out a data entry field. This will make sure tribot stores that data. You must do this for each entry field IP, Port, Username, and Password.

  • My Proxy Expired

    If your proxy has expired you can easily renew it by visiting our renewal form located here

  • Are these proxies shared?

    No, our Socks5 proxies are not shared. They are private. Any proxy you purchase will only be accessible by you.

  • I'd like to change the Proxy Username/Password

    Simply submit a ticket letting us know which proxies you'd like changed and the username and password you'd like them changed to.

  • Can I whitelist my IP address to connect to the proxy?

    Simply submit a ticket with the IP you'd like whitelisted and the proxy you'd like it whitelisted on. Please note this just allows you to access the proxy using only IP:PORT. Using the Username and Password will work without the need of IP authentiction.

  • Will these proxies work with PokemonGO bots?

    Not at first no, PokemonGo bots use HTTP proxies. You can instantly purchase the Socks5 proxies then submit a ticket to have the protocol switched to HTTP. Once we do this they will then work with your PokemonGo bots!

  • Will these work with sneaker bots?

    You may try our proxies with sneaker bots, but we do not guarantee they will work. Sneaker sites have a lot of anti-proxy security built into them. If you are purchasing for this reason, please note we will not offer a refund if they do not work with your sneaker bot.