Terms of Service

Buying any product or service on socks5proxies.net, you agree that you will provide a valid TRiBot.org forums username and a valid first and last name n the order form in which you place your order, or your services will be terminated and a refund would be at my own discretion. This agreement is to stop chargebacks before they happen. In the case of a chargeback (Chargeback meaning a payment reversal on PayPal), all logged information will be used against you, you will be disputed against on the forums, and your services will be terminated. All services last for 25-30 days, but not exceeding 30. For reference, this denotes a "month". Our 99% uptime guarantee is for our servers per annum.

Please keep in mind that when you bot on Runescape you will always run the risk of your account being banned, we advise all customers to bot cautiously. Due to the nature of botting and bans, we do not take any responsibility for any bans incurred on your account. Proxies are meant to be used to mitigate the occurrence of chain bans by separating your accounts by IP, or anonymous browsing.

You may try our proxies with sneaker bots, but we do not guarantee they will work. Sneaker sites have a lot of anti-proxy security built into them. If you are purchasing for this reason, please note we will not offer a refund if they do not work with your sneaker bot.