Setting up proxies with TRiBot

Written Instructions:
  1. Open TRiBot.jar
  2. Click "Proxy" in the bottom right corner
  3. Click "OK" on the popup messag
  4. Click "Insert" on the bottom left corner of the GUI that just popped up
  5. Type in the nickname (Can be anything, it's just to label the proxy so you know which one it is
  6. Type in the IP address, hit enter
  7. Type in the port, hit enter
  8. Type in the username, hit enter
  9. Type in the password, hit enter
  10. Click "OK
  11. Choose a proxy
  12. Click Login
  13. If asked to re-type your password, this is your TRIBOT password, not the proxy password

Video instructions:

Need further assistance?:

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